Reasons Why Your Husband Will Hire Escorts

An escort who has had thousands of clients gives some insight as to what her clients reveal to her before and after the act. She has spent countless hours with men who get very intimate with them after having sex; she has listened and learned a lot. Here are a few things that she has revealed. (speaking to the interviewer)

  1. I tend to do something that the other escorts never actually bother doing; I ask the clients a lot of questions in an attempt to try and understand them. I ask if they are married, why he is with me if he has affairs, etc.
  2. Most of the men I see are very wealthy, they have enough money to support a family and visit escorts as well. A couple of thousand dollars isn’t going to dent their wallets. But there is a fraction of the clients I see who work at bars, shops, etc. who actually save up money so that they can spend time with me, which is flattering but gets me thinking “what do they not get at home, that they would rather pay $1000s of dollars on an escort, they would rather spend their hard earned cash on me.” If it is just about the sex, they could just masturbate even though it is not the same thing, or they could pick up a stranger in a bar.
  3. They don’t get enough sex at home; they tell me even three times a week is not enough, men have a lot of desires and needs, they need a partner who can fulfill all that for them. They think about sex as often as they can.
  4. They look for intimacy. I am not someone who just has sex with them, takes the money and leaves, I actually care about them, I give them attention, I ask about their day, they tell me about what’s bothering them, we connect. A client once paid me to stay overnight just to cuddle. Men pay escorts for their time, not just sex.
  5. One woman may never be enough for them (men). If you have got yourself a trustworthy, monogamous guy, do everything you can to keep him interested, because there are not many like him out there. Cherish every moment you have together.

For some men, one woman will never be enough to quench their thirst for sex. No matter how gorgeous or beautiful their partner is, some of my clients are happily married with kids, who love their wives and also have great sex lives, but most of them have told me they just need variety — that’s just men for you.

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