Richest Playboys In The World

The world is filled with millionaires and billionaires who love to live their lives a little more lavishly than others. Well, this is perfectly fine as they have hard worked to reach the stage where they have become their own bosses and can do anything they want with the wealth that they have accumulated.

It should come off as no surprise that with all these wealth some men are bound to turn wild and spend it in a way which is bound to make other people jealous. The lives of the following millionaires and billionaires are lavish, fun and a whole lot spicier than what you could ever imagine. Thus without wasting any more time here are the world’s richest playboys in the world today who are bound to make you jealous just with a single pic of theirs.


1) Albert von Thurn und Taxis

Albert von Thurn und Taxis is a 32-year man from German royalty who made it within the Forbes list of richest billionaires at the mere age of 8. He owns his own racing team and if often seen to be driving in his GT along with beautiful and exotic women of various countries. In 2008 Albert made it into the Forbes list of Hottest young royals and stood on the 11th place in it. His net worth as of today is $1.5 billion and only seems to be growing.

2) Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian in today’s world is one among the most influential persons with a net worth grossing over $100 million. He is the son of a stockbroker who has served time in the US military forces defending the county. He can often be spotted traveling around the world and in many of his lavish homes surrounded by semi-naked women. He is most famous on social media for hosting lavish parties at his homes and the videos comprise of over the top Dj’s and beautiful women in the lingerie. He has suffered from two massive heart attacks just before the age of 25 due to his lavish lifestyle. He currently resides in the Hollywood Hills of California in his lavish estate which has an indoor gym and a huge golf course from which he is often seeing playing the game. The millionaire playboy has over 10.7 million followers on Instagram and is also a very well known poker player.

3) Prince Azim

Prince Azim Haji Bolkiah is one of the wealthiest playboys in the world and all this credit goes to his father, as his father is one of the richest men in the world. He is often seen around the globe hosting parties alongside beautiful models. For his 25th birthday, he called Michael Jackson to play at his party and not only this he even built an entire stadium in which Michael Jackson could perform for him.

4) Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld

Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld is a 30-year-old French citizen who among the list has the most exquisite taste for art and lifestyle. The taste and appreciation for art and lifestyle can be contributed to his mom who was the editor in chief of the French Vogue magazine and his dad who was a fashion style icon. He is currently estimated to be worth $1 billion and according to the people who reside near his house, his parties are just eye candies for people as they comprise of beautiful models and celebrities from around the world.





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